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Healthy Coatings
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Anti-microbial – Safe Paints
Environment cleaned from the disease maker microorganisms, is becoming increasingly important for the all the products present in places we live and work. The recent technological progress has proved that metal ions, such as Ag+1, Cu+2, Zn+2, diffuse to the metabolisms of the bacteria and counteract their enzymes.

Silver is one of the oldest antimicrobial agents of record. Silver ions are thought to inhibit bacterial enzymes, interfere with electron transport and bind to DNA. The more common use of silver depends on its being the most resistant metalagainst the bacteria, not employing any harmful effects to the body, being more cheaper than many others and easy production process. The most widely used silver compound being used in medical clinic products is silver nitrate. This is because silver nitrate releases its ions most fast. Despite strong effects of the silver ion against bacteria, fungi, algae and moulds, it has been proved that zinc ions are more effective on fungi and moulds even possible weaker effects on bacteria and algae. Therefore silver and zinc metal ions compounds are used thanks to their stronger effect spectrums. In antimicrobial products there is a need for a carrier body and metal ions shall join the structures easily. Thus, metal ions may enter the system and demonstrate their effects on bacteria. Considering that many of the chemical cleaning methods harm the human health. These kind of materials may directly contact with human they should demonstrate biological  harmony. Previous studies have shown that such materials employ a high level of biological adaptation. They are being used in many parts of human body through surgery requiring implantations.

Why Derin Sterile, Silver ion added Paints ?
The antibacterial and antifungal characteristics provided by the metal ion added antimicrobial products to the paints should not be confused with the bactericides and fungicides which are being used especially in paint formulas. Formula included organic based bactericides and fungicides provide inbox protection and generally paint film protection. Despite the use of these organic materials some microorganisms may contact to the paint film surface where some microorganisms do so. Some types of these organics effect areas (inhibition zone) out of the paint film, that is to say expanding chemically out of the film, which results in unprotected film and generating danger for many other living creatures
other than the targeted ones

If Derin Sterile Paints is used proven added value by;
• A permanent antimicrobial effect.
• Enhanced hygienic properties
• Effective odor abatement
• Maintaining appearance
• Prevention of material deterioration The effects of Derin Sterilak Paints on the microorganism’s types are given as below;


STERİLE ürünler insan sağlığının ön planda olduğu kullanım alanları içindir. Özellikle hastane, ameliyathane, otel, hava alanları, okullar, yuvalar, salon-yatak, çocuk odaları ve büyük iş yerlerinin yanı sıra gıda, tarım ve kozmetik sanayine hizmet veren tesisler içindir. It is developed for the safety of humans for overly populated places, especially hospitals, operating rooms and places of sterile conditions on the wall and ceiling. (Hotels, airports. schools and public areas such as food and agriculture industry.)

Şeffaf Duvar ve Tavan Kaplama :

Daha önceden boyanmış olup STRİLE ortam istenen mekanlar içindir.
Tanımı : Kutu içerisinde beyaz renkli olup uygulandığında Şeffaf görünümlüdür. Gümüş iyonları içerir. Kokusuzdur.Silinip yıkanabilir. Sürüldüğü yüzeye parlaklık kazandırır rengi değiştirmez. Antimikrobiyel özellik istenen iç cephe tavan ve duvarlarda kullanılır. Yıkanıp silinme ile Antimikrobiyel özelliği kaybolmaz.
Uygulama : İyice karıştırıldıktan sonra inceltilmeden her türlü yüzeye bez veya sünger ile uygulanır.
Sarfiyat: 1 lt ürün ile yaklaşık 20 m2 olan kaplanabilir.

Sterile / Clear Coating for Wall & Ceiling :
Used Area : Sterile Coating can be applied on any surface on top of painted water based paint.
Description: Sterile Coating has a clear appearance. It contains silver and zinc ions, water based antimicrobial
Sterile Coating for wall and ceiling. It is washable and can be wiped.
Application: LAK is applied one layer. Consumption: 1 lt for 20 m2.

Duvar – Tavan Boyası :
Tanımı : Gümüş iyonları içerir. Su bazlı saten görümlüdür. Silinip yıkanabilir. Antimikrobiyel özellik istenen iç cephe tavan ve duvarlarda kullanılır.
Uygulama : Derin Binder Astar üzerine %15 su ile inceltilerek en az iki kat uygulanır.
Sarfiyat: Derin Binder Astar ; 0,100 Kg/m2 tek kat için Boya ; 0,200 Kg/m2 İki kat için.

Wall – Ceiling Paint :
Description: It contains silver and zinc ions, water based anti-microbial satin paints for wall and ceiling. It is washble and can be wiped.
Application: Derin binder undercoat is applied one layer. After the application , dilute the paint 15% with water and apply two coats.
Consumption: Derin Undercoat; 0,100 Kg/m2 for one coat / Sterile Paint ; 0,200 Kg/m2 for two coat

Epoxy Boya :
Tanımı : Gümüş iyonları içerir. Silinip yıkanabilir. Antimikrobiyel özellik istenen zemin ve duvarlarda kullanılır.
Uygulama : Solventsiz Epoxy esaslıdır. Ana malzeme incelticisi ile ağırlıkça 4:1 oranında karıştırıldıktan sonra inceltmeden en az iki kat uygulanır. Karışımı kullanma süresi yaklaşık 1 saattir. Sarfiyat:; 0,350 Kg/m2 İki kat için.

Epoxy Paint :
Description: It contains silver and zinc ions, Solvent Free Epoxy based anti-microbial floor paint. It is washable and can be wiped.
Application: Main material is mixed with hardener by 4:1 ratio (weight) and apply min. two coats.
Consumption: 0,350 Kg/m2 for two coats