Warehouse navigation for wide aisles



Automotive-style route guidance – now available in the warehouse

“Please turn right now.” “Turn left in 30 metres.” “You have reached your destination.” Do these phrases sound familiar? Of course! You know them from your car‘s navigation system.Jungheinrich now offers similar functionality for all areas of your warehouse. Instead of a GPS system, routing can take place for example through optical tracking systems with 2D barcodes in the warehouse roof and a barcode reader on top of each truck. Other tracking systems are also available.
How it works
The next available storage location is transmitted from the Warehouse Management  System (WMS) to the truck terminal. From there, the Jungheinrich logistic interface calculates the shortest distance to the required storage location based on the truck‘s current position. Route guidance begins on the terminal and the driver soon reaches his destination, without having to search for it. After storage or retrieval confirmation is sent to the WMS. The WMS issues a new storage location – and so it continues.
Semi-automatic lift height positioning
The logistics interface also calculates the lift height at the storage location. When the driver arrives in front of the rack, the logistics interface “talks” to the truck control module. The mast, controlled by the driver, extends and stops automatically when it reaches the correct height. The need for time-consuming fine positioning by the driver is completely avoided, resulting in further time savings. Semi-automatic lift height positioning can also be performed
independently if required, without route guidance.


Jungheinrich warehouse navigation reduces your operating costs in the long term by up to 20%. With an extensive range of technical and ergonomic advantages that reduce a wide range of costs from initial purchase through to disposal, the Total Cost of Operations (TCO) is kept to a minimum. Jungheinrich stands for all this with BestInvest. Allowing you to turn outlay into profitable investment. Enabling your to make a BestInvest decision.