Warehouse Management System


Material flow optimisation is complex.

Cost optimisation, material flow optimisation, increasing throughput, resource optimisation, reduction of warehousing costs, increasing transparency, route optimisation, error reduction, warehouse management, minimum stock control, warehouse access optimisation, management of vacant space, increasing efficiency, delivery accuracy, stock accuracy,

Reduction in delivery times, quality control, batch management, product identification, picking accuracy, warehouse management efficiency, inventory, reduction in processing times, BOM management, process optimisation, reducing logistics costs, goods accuracy …


 WMS optimises warehouse management, material flow and processes.

■■ In every warehouse: Goods inward / outward, reserve / picking areas.
■■ By implementing different warehousing strategies, e.g. FiFo or LiFo, ABC classification, heights or weight classes, temperature-controlled or hazardous areas.
■■ Through maximised capacity utilisation with up to 90% usage.
■■ By optimising routes for trucks, pickers and automated systems.
■■ By reducing the number of incorrect stacking / retrieval operations, picking errors and empty runs.