010-Used trucks direct from the manufacturer


Everybody can operate high quality used trucks.

Look at the benefits.

Jungheinrich Used Trucks have many advantages.
Jungheinrich used trucks not only look like new, they also perform like new and have a long service life due to their robust construction. If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative to a new truck, Jungheinrich is the right partner. We  offer comprehensive warranty on our used equipment. Professionally overhauled to legal requirements. All you have to do is to tell us “more or less” what you are looking for. We give you comprehensive advice and will certainly find a suitable lift truck in our database with over 25,000 trucks available worldwide. Tailored to your budget and your application.
Professional overhaul.
All used trucks are overhauled according to the Jungheinrich 4-star quality standard, so that they meet your requirements as well as legal stipulations in their entirety.

Extensive post-overhaul checks.
We put our used trucks through a thorough test. Please look at the depth that we go to. If you can say “Yes” to one or more of the questions opposite, then turn the page and learn about the professional overhaul of Jungheinrich used trucks.

Manufactured then re-built in Germany.

Jungheinrich used trucks mean high quality.

Jungheinrich’s manufacturing competence covers the entire trucks life.
The overhaul takes place on a production line and is divided into electric and IC engine fork lift trucks. On arrival the trucks go through a pre-production check and are then dismantled. These are overhauled and parts relevant to truck safety are exchanged. The truck is then rebuilt with original Jungheinrich parts. Finally, the truck is repainted to automotive quality. It is difficult to tell the difference between a new fork lift truck and a truck overhauled at the Jungheinrich used truck factory

Professional overhaul with a comprehensive warranty package. The advantages:

  • Reliability: Professionally refurbished trucks are reliable. Unexpected breakdowns are prevented.
  • Financial security: Tested, overhauled and perhaps replaced components (for example: battery) provide reliable protection against unexpected failure.
  • Engineering security: The safety equipment is always high quality within the latest relevant EU regulations and safety directives.
  • Motivated operators: Clean and tidy trucks ensure first-rate operation. The “as new” condition and up to date equipment create a comfortable working environment for the operator. This not only means careful operation of the truck but also improves productivity.
The concept for a long, economic truck service life: New Jungheinrich fork lift trucks are sold, leased or rented. Many of these trucks are returned to our branches after their “first life”. At this time the decision about a “second life” is taken. If the decision is positive, the truck is professionally overhauled. We only allow the best to re-enter the market in a standardised, defined quality.

High Quality Processes.

Everything is “put to the acid test”.

Visual Impression:
 As new: cleaned inside and outside, completely painted.

  •  The truck is completely dismantled.
  •  All worn or defective components are exchanged.
  •  Reassembled with new and as new components.
  •  All fuels, filters, tyres (from 50% profile depth) are exchanged.
  •  Battery is overhauled.


  •  Full safety check.
  •  Complete safety equipment according to legal requirements.
  •  All labels replaced if damaged.
  •  Backed up with a comprehensive warranty package, to give peace of mind.



  •  Truck to end user.
  •  Complete documentation (spare parts catalogue, operating instructions, keys, test report).
  •  CE certificates/duplicates.

Stage 1:
The professional overhaul starts with the pre-production report. Spare parts are ordered for the first time and all safetyrelevant components are exchanged without any further test.
Stage 2:
Dismantling and thorough cleaning.Fuels such as brake fluid, motor and hydraulic oil are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. After all components are thoroughly cleaned, parts that will also have to be exchanged are determined.

Stage 3:
Mast is completely dismantled. Lift Chains are renewed in all cases and bearings are replaced dependant on the wear evident when dismantled.

Stage 4:
Trucks are sanded down and painted to a professional standard. So much so, a specialist would not be able to tell the difference compared to a new truck.

Stage 5:
Chassis, mast and all components are assembled and the truck is rebuilt.

Stage 6:
Finally after inspection through functional testing with rated load. It is sent over to the safety check for certification and ready to go status, issued ready for dispatch.