09-Batteries and Chargers


Combined forces: truck, battery and charger from one supplier.

More energy through synergy.

Complete solutions for the whole supply chain.
Jungheinrich provides batteries and suitable chargers for all its electric trucks: counterbalance, pedestrian stackers and order pickers. A carefully coordinated system for long term, cost effective and reliable operations. Over 550 Jungheinrich
service engineers throughout the UK make their own contribution. They know “their” equipment like no one else.


For every truck, there is a suitable battery.

From the standard lead acid battery to the maintenance free battery.

Standard lead acid battery
■ In 24, 48 and 80 V design for light to heavy applications
■ Enclosed, robust battery technology with liquid electrolyte
■ Long service life through high cycle stability
■ Tried and tested tubular plate technology for high performance efficiency, maximum reliability and high energy density
■ Long-term leak-proof through sealed units
■ Maintenance-friendly through screwed terminal connectors
■ Electrolyte circulation* (optional)
■ Manual or automatic water replenishment
■ Able to be recycled
Lead acid battery with extended service intervals
■ In 24, 48 and 80 V design for light to medium applications
■ Reduced water consumption through optimised plate alloying
■ Up to 200 cycles (charging/discharging processes) without water replenishment
■ Special Jungheinrich charging technology and electrolyte circulation* required
■ Manual or automatic water replenishment
■ Capable of being recycled Maintenance-free battery
■ In 24, 48 and 80 V design for light applications
■ Enclosed cells make water replenishment unnecessary
■ No acid escape with gel electrolytes
■ Ideal for applications in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry due to extremely low gassing during operation
■ Able to be recycled






For every battery there is a suitable charger.

Energy supply suited to energy requirement.



conomic, requirement-appropriate energy supply
Whether the battery is lead acid or maintenance- free battery. One, two or threeshift operation. 3-phase AC or singlephase supply. Light load or heavy load. With or without interim charge. Jungheinrich provides the appropriate charger for  virtually every charging characteristic curve, every battery type and every battery design for maximum battery service life and efficiency.

Battery charger SLT 100/110
■ For all 24, 48 and 80 V standard applications
■ For all standard lead acid batteries
■ For occasional interim charges
■ For normal and short charging times (7.5 hours) and interim charge
■ Electrolyte circulation* (optional)
■ Up to 8.5% energy saving compared with traditional chargers through tried and tested Jungheinrich pulse charging technology**
Battery charger SLT 200
■ For all 24, 48 and 80 V standard lead acid batteries
■ For effective interim charge with high energy input and short-time charges (electrolyte circulation* recommended in both cases)
■ For charging times of 6.5 to 8.5 hours
Battery charger SLH 100
■ Ideal for pedestrian operated trucks (pedestrian pallet trucks and stackers) and 24/48 V order pickers
■ Also suitable for the use of maintenance free batteries (e.g. gel technology)
■ Low space requirement through compact construction in high frequency technology
■ Up to 20% energy saving compared with traditional chargers
■ For normal and short charging times (7.5 hours)
Battery charger SLH 200
■ For all 24, 48 and 80 V applications
■ Pre-configures charging program for virtually all truck battery types (plugand- play technology)
■ Extremely gentle charging through high frequency technology with processor control
■ Charge condition display is clearly recognisable from a distance (30m visibility)
■ Up to 30% energy saving comparedwith traditional chargers
■ Reduced charging times to 5.5 hours possible