Vertical order picker EKS 210_312


The pair.

More order picking performance. More potential.

Order picking is becoming increasingly important
The demand of the modern sales channel for speed and flexibility is extremely high. Especially in e-commerce businesses or just-in-time production processes. These demands are reflected directly in the order picking profile within the warehouse.
The result: The range of lines (SKU’s) in large central stores is increasing – and batch sizes are decreasing. Articles to be picked have to be collected and despatched at an ever increasing pace. The demands on order picking trucks, and operators, regarding picking performance, flexibility and operating timeare growing steadily.

Whether the application is wide aisle or narrow aisle – Jungheinrich provides a requirement-specific solution for both:
The EKS 210 is suitable for lift heights to 6000 mm. This truck is only 900 mm wide and is particularly compact and manoeuvrable – ideal for unguided applications, e.g. in wide aisles. Naturally the EKS 210 can be specified for wire or rail guided environments as required. The EKS 312 is a 1200 kg machine with lift heights to 9500 mm and order picking heights to 11,300 mm. The 312 is particularly effective in narrow aisles and may be tailored to suit your application with walk out platforms or cages, extending its application area even further.




The genius of construction lies in its simplicity.

Anyone is able to build complicated constructions.

It takes designers and engineers great skill during the development of complex and intelligent Systems trucks to construct them as simply as possible. One look at the motor compartment of the EKS shows this quite clearly. About 30 % less cable connections, a minimum of hydraulic hoses and compact units of electronics, drive and hydraulics are clearly visible performance characteristics en route to increasingly lower maintenance work and energy consumption. The advantages:

■ Straightforward construction = straightforward maintenance
■ Fewer cables and hoses = short routes = lower energy consumption
■ Fast commissioning

In contrast to competitors trucks – where the hydraulics blocks are milled – the EKS hydraulics block is cast. The oil channels with regard to bends and crossovers are optimally designed and cause significantly less swirls and internal  resistance.The advantage: Considerably less energy requirement for all hydraulic movements. ”"