Order Picker_Lateral Stacker EKX 513–515


Order Picker/Lateral Stacker EKX 513–515.

1250/1500 kg capacity.

Prepared for the future  |  The EKX can adjust itself to any situation.

Only change is constant: Internationalisation of markets, increasing competition, cost pressures and changing customer requirements make the planning of future internal logistics processes difficult. High operational flexibility and quick reaction are the key to mastering future demands. Jungheinrich holds the key: the modular building block system for order pickers and combination picker/stackers EKX 513–515 – for maximum flexibility regarding changing loads, warehouse design, floor conditions, energy costs and warehouse strategies. In short: maximum flexibility for all factors and conditions that you have to face today and in the future.

Complete solutions for complete internal logistics
Innovative engineering, competent consultation and lifelong service allows Jungheinrich to provide you with an integrated solution. The new EKX is part of this complete solution provided by Jungheinrich. From materials flow analysis and planning up to project management and the implementing of a complete logistics system, the No. 1 for warehousing technology in Europe provides everything, so that you can relax knowing that Jungheinrich will do a competent job.



Jungheinrich is No. 1 in Warehousing technology in Europe and has been the leader in AC technology for more than 10 years. With over 10,000 EKX type trucks alone and over 25,000 Systems trucks overall in the market


Whatever happens in the future …

… you will be prepared for it with the EKX.

High specification electronic control system for maximum flexibility and safety
Our advantage is that both travel and lift speeds of the EKX adapt themselves to all application conditions. Even if these should change in the future – all parameters are adjustable in such a way that the EKX provides maximum performance
and cost effectiveness for you at the same time. The computer system consists of two components: a master computer and a safety module. Both components constantly exchange information and monitor each other.
■ Individual travel programmes
■ Variable programming
■ Excellent safety
■ Horizontal positioning (optional)
■ Height selection (optional)
Personnel protection from the factory
The factory-installed personnel protection system (PSS) is part of Jungheinrich’s solution for complete internal logistics. Right from the start, the PSS is included in the solution consisting of consultation, projecting, installation and maintenance.  Everything from one supplier – as Jungheinrich customers have known and appreciated for over 50 years.
“Lifting” Performance module Maximising lift speed for warehouses with high lift heights and high throughput (EKX 515).

“Sideshifting” Performance module Maximum speed during stacking with load recognition.

“Floor specific” Performance module
Optimum travel speeds dependent on the respective floor specification that is memorised by the EKX with transponders.

“High residual capacity” Performance module
Designed for highest residual capacity to high lift heights.



The highest performance starts at the lowest level.

The EKX memorises every inch of your warehouse with transponders.

The floor is crucial to performance
Even the best stacker cannot completely realise its performance potential on a bad floor. Even just a few “bad” sections result in performance reduction in the entire warehouse. The EKX with RFID technology (optional) provides the best conditions for high performance. It memorises bumpy spots and uneven floors in the warehouse and reduces its speed when travelling over these areas again. If several trucks are utilised, these floor profiles can be passed on via a USB
interface to all trucks in the warehouse.

Your benefit

optimised speed profiles dependent on floor specification – for the best performance possible and as much safety as is required

The advantages of RFID floor control:
■ Optimised speed profiles
■ Cost saving through easy installation
■ Permanent information exchange between floor and truck
■ Aisle specific options, for example, speed reduction where there are pedestrian walk ways, or height limitation for operation under mezzanine floors.
■ Increased flexibility regarding future changes in warehouse design














Control your costs.

High productivity by simply using your thumb.

Thumb up – load up
High productivity every day – effortlessly. This is the Jungheinrich operating philosophy. For the EKX this means, low force operation without undue pressure and without the twisting of the operators arms or stress being put on the operators joints, both thumbs control the truck’s performance. Everyone who uses the EKX swears by it.

One look at the display is sufficient

The display makes communication between man and machine easy. It continuously informs the operator about all main operating functions: operating hours, battery condition, wheel position, speed, and lift heights – all can be easily controlled at a glance.

Different operators – different programmes

All settings on the EKX can be changed easily. Up to 100 operator profiles can be stored per access code. In combination with RFID floor control (page 8), even different zones within the warehouse can be programmed. This also offers flexibility that ultimately increases productivity as well as safety.