Order picker_Lateral stacker EKX 410


Order picker / Lateral stacker EKX 410.

1000 kg capacity.

 The EKX is flexible to any application.

Against the background of increasing costs and an increasing number of product lines, factors such as productivity and space utilisation in the warehouse are becoming more and more important. Jungheinrich provides a tailored economical
solution. High Rack stackers and Order Pickers which combine the retrieval of full pallets and the order picking of individual items from the racking. The EKX 4 has a modular design platform, making this truck particularly flexible and cost effective across the range.


EKX 410
■ 1000 kg capacity
■ 7750 mm lift height
■ 7995 mm order picking height
EKX 513
■ 1250 kg capacity
■ 9250 mm lift height
■ 9570 mm order picking height
EKX 515
■ 1500 kg capacity
■ 14250 mm lift height
■ 14570 mm order picking height
EKX 515k
The compact truck with a short wheelbase for maximum manoeuvrability and economic operation.
■ 1500 kg capacity
■ 11250 mm lift height
■ 11570 mm order picking height

Four performance variantsensure efficient operation

The EKX of the Kombi product range 4, equipped with 48 V 3-phase AC technology – designed for total efficiency in the lower high rack segment.The EKX 513, 515 and 515k of the Kombi product range 5, equipped with 80 V AC technology – designed for maximum efficiency in the middle and upper high rack segment.


Advantage: all motors in AC technology.

Drive your productivity up and your operating costs down.

AC technology – tried and tested over a million times
3-phase AC current is a type of alternating current from the regular power supply. Tried and tested over a million times in all areas of industry. The respective 3-phase AC motors distinguish themselves by having significantly less components and working parts and operate more efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively.

Jungheinrich has made electric trucks easily adaptable to AC technology
By applying powerful frequency converters, Jungheinrich was successful during the early 90’s in cost-effectively converting direct current into 3-phase current and thus applying the advantages of 3-phase AC technology to electric trucks. With the omission of carbon brushes and the fully enclosed motor it opens up new applications for electric stackers and gives a significant reduction in operating costs. Today, Jungheinrich installs 3-phase AC technology in all truck models.


All motors in AC technology
The consistent application of AC technology is characteristic for Jungheinrich narrow aisle stackers for travel, lift and steering. There are many benefits: higher productivity efficiency through higher speeds; more powerful operation through
high torque even at lower speeds.

1 Steering motor
2 Drive motor
3 Lift motor




 Generously dimensioned workplace
Energy reclamation starts on the operator platform – with the operator. A number of highly efficient ergonomic features make the working day easier.

■ large foot- and legroom
■ high quality finish to the cab
■ easy and quick accessibility to all safety functions
Clearly arranged cab front with large storage areas and rounded contours (example EKX 410)

Easy mounting and dismounting through low cab height.

Fold-up comfort seat for either standing or sitting operation. With high backrest, moulded seat and arm rests (optional)

The easily accessible foot switch for releasing the parking brake increases operator safety
Easy access to all components on the operating console (picture of key switch)