ETX 513 515 sideways-seated tri-lateral truck


ETX 513 with telescopic forks (optional)
■■ 1,250 kg capacity
■■ 10,000 mm lift height

ETX 515 with swiveling forks
■■ 1,500 kg capacity
■■ 13,000 mm lift height Cold

Assisting your planning.

The “man down – load up” concept
Specifically designed for use in the medium and high rack sector, the ETX 515 / 513 based on a modular platform strategy offers the right concept: sideways seated arrangement with front positioned mast. Optionally available with telescopic forks or swiveling conventional
forks for picking up loads directly off the ground.

Cold store: high performance at low temperatures
The cold store specification offers seat and cabin heating as well as heated windows for comfortable operation at temperatures well below zero. The use of special materials suitable for cold stores and heated temperature-sensitive truck components ensures maximum reliability.

Automatic: the ideal truck for 24 hour use
Increased productivity, throughput and storage utilisation are becoming increasingly important factors in warehouse efficiency. Here too, Jungheinrich offers a tailored, economic solution: fully-automatic high rack stackers for stacking and retrieving full pallets.


Optimising the operation.

The floor quality determines the performance
Even the best lift truck will not be able to apply its full capacity on poor floors. Even a few sub standard areas will cause a reduction in performance throughout the entire warehouse. Here too the ETX with RFID technology (optional) offers the best solution for maximising performance levels: it is programmed to know where there are uneven sections of the floor and reduces speed where required. If several trucks are being used in the same area, these sections can be communicated to all the trucks in the warehouse via a USB interface.

Your advantage:
Optimum speed settings based on the floor conditions. For as performance as high as possible with all the safety built in.


The advantages of RFID ground control:
■■ Optimised speed setting
■■ Cost savings through easy installation
■■ Permanent exchange of information between ground and truck
■■ Secure, programmed control and safety functions (e.g. aisle recognition, aisle cutout, height cutout)
■■ High level of flexibility for anychanges to warehouse structure
■■ Throughput optimisation through warehouse navigation

8Warehouse navigation: “You have reached your destination”

A stacking and retrieval environment to please the driver.

From A to B in the shortest time in the shortest distance
That‘s the advantage of a car with a navigation system. With the ETX you can now experience these advantages. It achieves this through RFID technology: via transponders in the ground the ETX continually feeds back its location. Orders from the higher level management system are now transmitted directly to the truck control system. This means the ETX knows the exact position to approach. The driver simply has to give the travel/lift command and the truck approaches the pallet position automatically. In the shortest time. And the shortest distance. With as much energy as required and as little as possible.


The advantages:
■■ Precision travelling saves time and money. Productivity and picking performance rise by up to 25%.
■■ Quality improvements. Driving to wrong locations is a thing of the past, the ETX approaches the pallet location designated by the system with 100% reliability.
■■ The driver can relax.
■■ There is no need for constantrepositioning. It is impossible to take the wrong route.