ETV Q multi directional reach truck


All-wheel steering: the solution for long loads.

The ETV Q opens up new possibilities with its combination of reach mast technology and all-wheel steering.

The advantages:
■■ Retaining the load within the perimeter of the truck means less aisle width requirement.
■■ Better traction lift performance matched by energy recovery and less maintenance through state-of-the-art AC motors and electronic control.
■■ Ability to manoeuvre in any direction with simultaneous electric steering of all wheels.

“Modified normal travel.” This reduces the already narrow turning radius by up to a further 34%.
Like all five travel programmes, modified normal travel can be entered easily through the 5 key control unit. It is a central component of the integrated operating concept which makes controlling the truck easier than ever.The ETV Q offers a whole range of options for handling long and bulky loads in tight conditions efficiently. With capacities ranging from 2,000–2,500 kg and lift heights of up to 10.7 metre.



Travel programmes at the press of a button
With a simple touch of a button – even with gloves – the ETVQ off in one of five different travel modes (normal travel, modified normal travel, diagonal travel, turning on the spot and parallel travel). Like all electronic components the control
unit is protected from dust and spray water to IP 65, and makes selecting the travel programme (which can also be changed during travel) easier than ever


Productivity-enhancing ergonomics
■■ Generous legroom thanks to electric steering without steering column.
■■ 3-way adjustable comfort seat with over 50% vibration absorption.
■■ Horizontally and vertically adjustable steering wheel.
■■ Excellent all-round visibility through lowered panels and panoramic mast.
■■ Automotive-style pedals.


SOLO-PILOT operators control
The SOLO-PILOT control, integrated into the armrest ensures precise control of travel / lift operations at your fingertips. There is no need for any hand movements, as the operators hand rests comfortably on the hand rest.



MULTI-PILOT control lever (optional)
All hydraulic functions as well as direction selection and the horn are controlled by the Jungheinrich MULTI-PILOT. Everything performed effortlessly with one hand. You can even perform two operations simultaneously, such as lifting and reaching.

Low-vibration operator position
The operator‘s position is designed to minimise vibration and thus ensure higher productivity through longer operating times – without exceeding the limits set in the operator guidelines for human vibrations.



Weight control at the press of a button
The weighing system gives the operator the peace of mind of not exceeding the residual capacity. When a load is raised, its weight (50 kg tolerance) is displayed on the monitor.

Stacking / retrieval with video monitoring (optional)
The video camera allows safe and rapid access to high pallet locations. Installed on the forks, the camera enables the driver to control stacking and retrieval operations efficiently and reliably from a comfortable seated position / line of sight. No need to look up to the load –
avoiding strain on the shoulders and neck area.

Maximum safety with CAN-Bus control electronics
Each individual component of the electronic system transmits its operating status to other components and receives their data simultaneously. This makes the electronic information exchange easier, more transparent and above all safer. In addition, the customer service engineer simply connects his laptop and has immediate access to all performance data.

Energy provided
from a single source More energy through synergy. Jungheinrich offers trucks, batteries and chargers from a single source. A system tailored 100% to individual operating conditions. The advantage: maximum truck availability and an ondemand,efficient energy supply. Saving batteries and budgets alike.

Maximum operating reliability
With Jungheinrich, high performance levels are always matched by maximum reliability. A recent example: control modules with fully encapsulated, IP 65 protected electronics and sealed connector systems. The advantage: trucks are protected for the long term, even when operating with heavy vibrations or harsh conditions. The traction and lift control electronics are also housed in a fully aluminium pressure casing that offers the best thermal properties in terms of heat loss.