04-Diesel LPG Forklifts with hydrostatic drive


Diesel / LPG Forklifts with hydrostatic drive.

1,600 to 3,500 kg capacity.


Multi-functioning armrest
The control levers, comfort display and operating console are incorporated into the armrest which is located to the right of the seat and thus particularly convenient to use and read. The armrest can be steplessly adjusted, vertically and horizontally.

The high-performance radiator unit is designed to keep the engine constantly at the required operating temperature even under extreme high temperature conditions.

Diesel particulate filter (optional)
The filter system mounted in the rear counterweight consists of a diesel particulate filter incorporating state of the art metal coating technology and a fully automatic regeneration unit. Soot that is trapped in the filter is burnt off under any engine operating condition – without intervention from the driver. The truck can continue to work without interruption.

The engine is a four-cylinder diesel/LPG unit of the latest generation, with high torque at low rated speeds, specially designed for the specific requirements of fork-lift operation.

For the pedals there is a choice between the typical Jungheinrich automotive layout and double pedal control (optional).

Hydrostatic drive
Rapid changes of direction in operation and long-life components characterise the hydrostatic drive.

Hydrostatic drivers.

A growing group of fans swear by the strong workhorse that is made in Germany.

  • „„ Ground-breaking ergonomics with a wide choice of operating concepts.
  • „„ Technology with the highest level of reliability.
  • Top performance of the engine and its management system.


4The series 4 (2,500 to 3,500 kg) has redefined the standard of performance. The series 3 continues the success story, this time in capacities up to 2,000 kg.

 Ensuring the best driver experience.

The single-piece bullet proof glass roof creates the best conditions for efficient and millimetre- precise stacking and retrieval
  • „„ Exceptionally large cab for maximum freedom of movement of arms, legs and head.
  • „„ Excellent all-round and vertical visibility through the single-piece bullet proof glass roof.
  •  Vibration-damped floating cab with comfort seat.



  • „„ I ndividually positioned multifunctioning armrest moves with the seat.
  • Space-saving steering column, adjustable in height and tilt (setting can be recalled using the memory function).
  • SOLO-PILOT: Simple control of driving and lifting functions, using the fingers.
  • MULTI-PILOT: Driving and lifting functions are incorporated in