Electric four-wheel fork lift truck


Electric four-wheel fork lift truck.

2,500 to 5,000 kg capacity.

Welcome to the professional warehouse.  |  80 volt 3 phase fork lift truck. The “turbo diesel” of electric fork lift trucks.



With their 3 phase AC systems, the EFG 425–430/535–550 series offer maximum performance levels in every application. Whether with load, on gradients, accelerating or at speed, the EFG 4 and 5 series has the productivity of an engine truck, but without the emissions.


Advantage: 3 phase AC technology.

Raise your performance levels while lowering your operating costs

A strong performer,
as well as being energy efficient

  • Rapid operation and maximum productivity from high torque motors even at low speeds
  • Up to two shifts with a single batterycharge from improved efficiency and regenerative braking. In many cases without the need for a charging area or replacement batteries.

Sealed motors for every application
The IP 54 sealed protected motors enable the trucks to be used in environments that were once the sole domain of IC engine trucks. The 2.5 to 5.0 tonne trucks have protection from dust, water or chemicals.

Low life time costs
through reduced wear

  • No brake wear / service costs thanks to electric regenerative braking whilst decelerating.
  • Fewer wear parts, less maintenance,lower costs: the 3 phase AC motors are fully maintenance-free as thereare no carbon brushes.


EFG Series 4 drive axle

The EFG 425 in particular with its range of motor and chassis versions offers trucks to suit every application: Fork extended operating times require a larger battery the EFG 425 and 425s also come with longer chassis.