Electric forward facing seat_ Three-in-one forklift EFX 410_413


Electric forward facing seat/ Three-in-one forklift EFX 410/413.

1000 and 1250 kg capacity.

Narrow aisle – wide aisle – free path.  |  The truck concept for flexible operation.

The EFX 410/413, built with a modular design offers a flexible solution for combined use in narrow aisles, wide aisles as well loading areas. The forward facing seat and the Tri-Lateral mast arrangement allows the load to be picked up directly from the floor. The Jungheinrich EFX offers maximum flexibility and efficiency for lift heights up to 7000 mm. Narrow aisle warehouses require less floor space with high lift heights. Advantages:

■ Good space utilisation.
■ Direct access to each pallet space.
■ FIFO-principle easily achieved.

The EFX is the ”key” to getting the most out of these advantages. Its performance guarantees a good combination between racking and floor and creates the best conditions for producing high throughput rates.


3 ways. 2 Lifting capacity classes. 1 range.

The modular approach for the low lift narrow aisle trucks.


Application based capacity classes
1000 kg (EFX 410) and 1250 kg (EFX 413) lifting capacities guarantee a cost effective compliment to every application. Additionally, both models use state of the art controls for all motors with 48-volt-3-phase AC technology.

EFX 410
■ 1000 kg capacity
■ 7000 mm lift height
EFX 413
■ 1250 kg capacity
■ 7000 mm lift height


Advantage: All motors with 3-phase AC technology.

Drive your performance higher and your operating costs down!

3-phase AC technology has been proven time and time again
3-phase AC technology is a type of current generated from the normal power supply, proven time and time again in all areas of industry. The 3-phase AC technology motors are characterised by a significantly reduced number of components and moving parts. AC motors operate much more efficiently, reliably and are more cost-effective.

Jungheinrich has made battery-powered forklifts ”fit for 3-phase AC technology”
At the beginning of the 90s, Jungheinrich succeeded in converting dc into ac in a cost-effective way by using high performance frequency converters and thus made the advantages of 3-phase AC technology usable for battery-powered forklifts. The omission of direction contactors and carbon brushes means as well as the increase in performance there is a significant reduction in operating costs for order pickers and high rack stackers. Today, all main categories of Jungheinrich trucks are equipped with 3-phase AC technology.

All motors with 3-phase AC technology
The results of the EFX in using 3-phase AC technology for drive, lifting and steering motors is; higher productivity rates due to higher speed and strength in high starting torques, even at low revs.