Electric 3 wheel 4 wheel counterbalance truckEFG 213–220 and EFG 316–320


1300 to 2000 kg/1600 to 2000 kg capacity. |  3-wheel or 4-wheel design? The tailored solution for every application.


3-wheel or 4-wheel design?

The tailored solution for every application.


The Jungheinrich 3-wheel and 4-wheel counterbalance trucks with AC technology of the latest generation are highpowered trucks with performance.

The main difference:
The 3-wheel stackers of Series 2 trucks are equipped with a twin wheel for maximum manoeuvrability. The 4-wheel stackers of Series 3 are equipped with a high mounted full floating axle for maximum stability on uneven floors. Your application decides whichtype is the requirement-specific and economic solution.

Advantage: 3 wheels
Wherever maximum manoeuvrability in confined spaces on level floors is required, there is only one economic solution: 3-wheel stackers with twin wheel and swivel pin steering for 180° turning on the spot.

Advantage: 4 wheels
When the floor is uneven and wherever maximum drive stability is required, the 4-wheel counterbalance trucks with high mounted full floating axle maximise their strengths. The full floating axle also absorbs floor unevenness and distributes the load safely on all 4 wheels.

    •  Sideways battery access
    •  Electric steering
    •  SOLO- and MULTI-PILOT levers
    •  Innovative battery management
    •  Operator assistence systems
    •  5 adjustable operating programs
    •  Automatically activated parking brake


AC technology of the latest generation.

More economical operation as well as higher performance, improved safety and ergonomics.

Reduced consumption Due to high efficiency and energy reclamation during braking, the trucks can operate over 2 shifts with one battery charge. Your advantage is that often spare batteries and large charging areas are not needed.

Increased productivity High torque, no torque gaps and no loss of revs ensure rapid operation and high productivity. Your advantage is considerably faster throughput or even a reduction in your truck fleet.

Extended operational areas Electric motors enclosed according to IP 54 allow the operation in areas where in general only IC engine trucks can be used. Neither dust, water or chemicals are detrimental to the hold up the EFG Series 2 and 3 with enclosed AC motors.

Electric steering

    •  Reduced number of steering wheel turns
    •  Smaller steering wheel
    •  Minimum turning force required
    •  More legroom due to slim
    • steering column
    •  Low hydraulics noise