Electric stackers


Electric stackers
The complete range

The Jungheinrich series concept provides you with all the options to select the truck best suited to your specific applications. An example of this is the EJC – for almost 60 years the stacker truck has been in great demand worldwide.
The EJC is divided into 3 series: Series 1 with capacity from 1000 to 1200 kg for light to medium-duty applications up to a lift height of 3600 mm. Series 2 with capacity from 1200 to 3000 kg for heavy-duty applications with
high residual capacities at lift heights up to 5350 mm. Series B with wide support arms for flexible handling of various load types and lifting perimeter based pallets.

As a general rule for all Jungheinrich trucks, series with lower numbers stand for lower capacity, while series with higher numbers stand for greater capacity. If there is a special application, special series are available, for example
series B.

Of course many different equipment options and performance features can be added to these basic variants. From AC technology to a crawl button. From support arm lift to fixed stand-on platform. From PIN activation to traction
aid. We will be pleased to offer higher capacities or special load sections upon request. Jungheinrich special builds provide tailor-made solutions for your applications


Double your throughput with double-deckers
Double deck trucks (EJD, ERD and ESD) combine the high performance features of stacker trucks and pallet truck in a single vehicle. The main advantage: lifting two Euro pallets simultaneously (1 x 2000 kg or 2 x 1000 kg capacity).


*Additional support arm lift (z): for larger floor clearance. Uneven areas in the floor, ramps, crossing plates or loading bridges can be crossed with minimum effort, even with a full load.
**Ramp comfort (RK): To increase floor clearance under the support arm areas. For applications with thresholds, on ramps and on uneven floors.