EJE 112i pedestrian pallet truck with lithium-ion technology


EJE 112i pedestrian pallet truck with lithium-ion technology.

The portable energy solution.

Simply easier.

Easy to handle
■■ Convenient battery in the shape of a briefcase.
■■ Easy to insert into / remove from the battery compartment.
■■ The battery compartment opens easily at the press of a button.

Easy to charge
■■ Maximum uptime with short, efficient recharging at any time.
■■ 50 % charge in approx. 30 minutes.
■■ 100 % charge in approx. 80 minutes.

Easy to operate
■■ Compact truck with low mounted, long safety tiller.
■■ Intuitive and safe operation with ergonomic tiller arm.
■■ A maintenance-free battery allows you to concentrate fully on transporting the load.

Easy to load on board
■■ Ideally suited to working in lorries with its extremely short chassis length (425 mm, excluding forks).
■■ Ideal for all weight-sensitive operations – e. g. on a tail lift – with its low overall weight (289 kg).

Easy to charge – even easier to load on board: With a chassis length of just 425 mm the EJE 112i is ideal to take on lorries.