Auto Pallet Mover


Auto Pallet Mover
The most efficient solution for repetitive transport tasks

Some call it magic …
…we call it an Auto Pallet Mover.

Jungheinrich Auto Pallet Mover reduce your operating costs in the long term by 20 % or more. With an extensive range of technical and ergonomic advantages that reduce a range of costs from purchase through to disposal, the Total Cost of Operations (TCO) is kept to a minimum. Jungheinrich stands for all this with BestInvest.
Allowing you to turn outlay into profitable investment. Enabling your to make a BestInvest decision.


Pinpoint precision Pinpoint timing and precision, around the
clock. What many warehouse managers only dream of can become reality with
the Jungheinrich Auto Pallet Mover (APM). Using laser navigation and reflectors,
APM systems guide Jungheinrich‘s tried-and-tested series-production trucks
reliably and efficiently through warehouses, production areas and materials
handling areas. This makes them the most efficient solution for all routine,
repetitive transport tasks.

The Transport Management System knows the way  The power behind the APM is the Transport Management System. All the data required for effective control is collected here: From layout and transport planning via strategies to order management and route optimisation. The Transport Manager can be installed as a standalone system or can be integrated into a warehouse management system. Various interfaces allow for connection to both higher-level systems (e.g. warehouse management or production planning systems) and lower-level systems (e.g. production or palletising machines, buttons or sensors).

A one-stop shop Jungheinrich is responsible for planning, development, realisation and servicing – throughout the long life of the fork lift truck. From selecting the truck model and adjusting the APM system to the truck characteristics through to the customised financing package – Jungheinrich offers you a one-stop solution. Driverless transportation really can be this simple!