Dico organic Liquid fertilizer


DICO rganic Liquid fertilizer it is our new formula (1 liter can be used min. 8,000m2 soil – max 10,000m2 soil max of three application per cycle. This product can be used to all kinds of field,garden and greenhouse fruit vegetables and plants. and for African countries its work good for African soil.

*Liquid organic fertilizer supports and develops all kinds of plants.
*It supports and strenthens bacterial activities in the soil.
*It increase the productivity of plants and decreases costs.
*It can clean soil from chemical (DDT- the harmfull toxic materials in soil and pesticides)
*It make soil ready for organic farming within ten days
*It include 29 usefull bacterias that makes, soil, plants, crops, organic within short term.


diCO should be applied 5 days after the application of any kind of pesticide
2.) In order to prevent chemical fertilizer pesticides, application should be made on days before the harvest.
The values above represent minimum amounts. The diCO is a liquid organic fertilizer that works best with water. Excess water does not cause any disadvantage on the effects of the diCO.
diCO can be applied by using any kind of irrigation systems.
Application can be done at least three times with one month interva.