b5a organic liquid firtlizer



B5A is a liquid organic fertilizer.

1- 100% Organic and is organic fertilizer certified by the CERES control and certification foundation.
2- Can be used in classical agriculture (dry and wet), organic agriculture, and hydroponics, to increase the development of the root, leaves, and the product in general.
3- Increases efficiency and decreases the money spent for fertilizers significantly. The soil has plant waste that has not been decomposed and B5A helps decompose them and use them for its own benefits.
4- Support and increases organisms (including microorganisms) in the soil. An observable proof for this is the increase of worm population in the B5A applied soil after a year.
5- It is an extraordinary fertilizer that is used to get organic products in the shortest amount of time all around the world.
6- Minimizes the loss of water in the soil, thus decreases drought effects.
7- Increases plants’ endurance for cold weather.
8- As a result of using fertilizers in oblivion and in excess, synthetic agricultural fertilizers keep being stored in the soil for years. B5A breaks these molecules down completely, thus rectifying and improving the soil.
9- Causes plant immunity. Therefore there is not as much need for fertilizers and the total cost decreases.
10- Eliminates factors that prevent plants from growing and accelerates plant development.
11- Increases blooming. Help prevent the shedding of flowers.
12- – Increases capillary root structure, and strengthens roots.
13- Increases quality and helps you obtain more delicious products.
14- Increases shelf-life of products significantly.
15-During or after usage, there are no harmful effects to humans, animals, or the soil. It is highly safe.
16-It is observed that B5A decrease the salinity of the soil and irrigation water. This is a very important property that makes
the usage of partial saline soil and water in agriculture possible.
17-It is a fertilizer that has been experimented on in many places all over the world.